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There are only 2 countries in the world that produce Manuka honey, and they are Australia and New Zealand.

In the absence of any published industry statistics, Gather By has estimated the production of Australian Manuka Honey as approximately 400-800[1] tonnes annually. This is harvested from  the wild from the last remaining stands of Leptospermum. Most of this honey is largely exported by internationally-owned companies. The forecast for the production of Manuka honey from the Australian bush is showing a downward trend due to continuing deforestation and bushfires - both of which significantly diminish the availability of unfarmed honey.  In essence – Australia’s wild Manuka honey is at risk.

This is where Gather By steps in. Gather By is actively reforesting the Australian bushland, increasing the population of the bees and the production of Manuka. These efforts by Gather By, together with our interconnected partnerships, are single-handedly increasing the total tonnage of Australian Manuka honey available to both the local and global markets. These activities will significantly stabilise the Australian Manuka industry for the benefit of future generations.

Australia’s emerging Manuka industry is currently smaller than New Zealand’s $570 million[2] Manuka industry which produces approximately 17,000 tonnes per year. Australian Manuka is however more sought after globally as Australia benefits from having larger and more economical parcels of land to grow greater varieties of Leptospermum than New Zealand. Australia is also free of the hive destroying Varroa mite, which is prevalent in New Zealand. Additionally, the production of Manuka honey in Australia greatly benefits from wide, open, non-polluted spaces for bees to forage on native plants, reasonably good soils, typically good rainfall along the coasts, and an excellent biosecurity and regulatory environment.

The Australian Manuka industry, including Gather By, will enter a fast growth cycle as Gather By’s Manuka forests mature quickly to produce high-MGO medicinal honey, and becoming available for sale to the world markets.

More specifically, Gather By’s regenerative agribusiness is directly meeting future global market demand by planting 6.25 million trees on 5,000 Ha over the next five years. This is forecast to produce around 2,500 tonnes of premium Australian Manuka honeys annually by 2028 (see table below). We are proud of our integrated community of partnerships spanning the entire supply chain, which focus on quality and sustainability at every point to guarantee the optimum outcome for the product, the environment, the bees and the community.



[1]Subject to environmental conditions

This information has been provided as an estimated guide only and should not be taken as an actual figure.


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