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A closed-loop regenerative agribusiness producing medicinal and therapeutic honey for the global market.

After years of extensive research and development has helped us produce a rare, pure & potent Manuka Honey from the pristine bushland of Australia. 


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Bioactive+ Manuka Honey™

Gather By Bioactive+ Manuka Honey™ is among the most potent in the world due to the quality and diversity of hyper-potent Australian native Leptospermum plants and pristine environments from which we harvest.

Honey has been recognised for its healing properties for thousands of years and now scientific studies have proven its effectiveness for nutrition, wellness and therapeutic uses.

Wound care: Honey-infused dressings are proven to be more effective treatment of moderate burns than conventional dressings when applied to clean, dry skin.

Gut healing: Pure BioActive+ Manuka Honey™ has antiseptic and healing properties. It delivers prebiotic effect to improve gut health. If provides relief for sore throats, sore gums and mouth ulcers.

Therapeutic healing: Honey's ability to inhibit or kill many microorganisms is substantiated. Testes against up to 80 pathogenic and disease-causing organisms including antibiotic resistant superbugs.


Medicinal Honey Forest™

Gather By uses its proprietary “Medicinal Honey Forest” (MHF™) design for a low maintenance, high yielding agribusiness model for Australian landholders, beekeepers, and other interested community members.

Generates chemical free, raw, pure & potent Australian Manuka honey while prioritising bee health, regional industry and native ecosystems.

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Medicinal Honey Channel

A distribution channel for the global supply of pure, raw, unblended Leptospermum and therapeutic honeys using a full track and trace audit system to guarantee its authentic contents.

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