Yarta Boolambayte: a food security showcase


About YARTA Boolambayte

Yarta Boolambayte is located 3 hours north of Sydney on 10Ha of land surrounded by national park.  It is home and security for Alain, Steve and Mel, three people of disparate but uniting backgrounds to leave an enduring legacy in recognition of the growth and expansion that comes from such circumstances.



Yarta is an evolving collaboration between the landholders and Gather By and the community to create an education and research centre, a propagation and production facility, accommodation and farm visits that will be the catalyst for expanding bee sustainability and a showcase for medicinal honey production.


Yarta is developing organic and permaculture food production and presentation facility to be used for education, hospitality, rejuvenation and enjoyment, incorporating Yarta Outdoor Kitchen and secluded camping areas for such interaction to take place. 


The purpose of Yarta is to educate, explore, share and sustain a working permaculture farm and education centre with like minded people who are sincere in securing their food security and medicinal needs in an organic and natural environment.


Yarta relies on communal participation in producing gardens and upkeep, and donations for selected building projects, including the current project being Yarta Outdoor Kitchen. Food forest and vegetable gardens are in progress, a camping area has been developed and an educational planting of tea tree has taken place.


You can participate in growing with Yarta by joining a working bee, volunteer for specific gardening chores, enjoy the quiet camping or help us pay for the materials and people to carry out the work.

This is our 2 year plan, our food security showcase site for you.

Please see how you can be part of this experience.

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Yarta is the ancient word translated as meaning ‘country, place, ground, land, dirt’ and is now also being translated as ‘earth’.

Our current projects

Yarta kitchen: a social enterprise project with Corey Grech

The Yarta Outdoor Kitchen, 3 hours north of Sydney at Boolambayte is just one of our amazing projects that you can get involved in. An outdoor learning space which also has the capacity to host community events and gatherings.

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The Bee School: teaching the youngens

The Bee School is a teaching project that aims to educate students about bee biology and society, their importance to our environment and food production as well as promote beekeeping and sustainability values.

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