Why We Don’t Cream Our Honey

At Gather By, our honey is 100% genuine Australian Manuka.

Not only do we grow the Manuka ourselves, but we also employ highly experienced beekeepers to maintain our bees and to collect our honey.

Our honey is harvested from multiple varieties and a diversity of Manuka plants which grow natively here on the East Coast of Australia.



Here are some interesting facts about our Australian Manuka Honey:

1. Every batch of honey that we produce is scientifically tested by professional independent laboratories. This means that every jar of honey that we sell has been tested to ensure that it is pure authentic Manuka honey. Here is an example of the testing certificates that are issued to us every time we have our honey tested https://www.gatherby.org/honey_testing.We test every batch of honey every time we receive a barrel from a beekeeper. This is your guarantee that your honey is genuine Manuka.

2. Gather By is heavily involved with the intensive research into the benefits, uses, testing and traceability of Manuka honey in Australia. Here is the research company that we are involved with. This is a research department that is recognised by the Australian Government https://www.gatherby.org/research_partners. This research project is also involved with an intensive honey traceability project which confirms the authenticity and provenance of Australian Manuka Honey https://www.gatherby.org/honey_traceability_and_honey_library


 3. Gather By holds every certification that is available for the manufacture of Manuka Honey in Australia. This includes the certification to be able to export our honey and to be export quality. We only have these certificates because our honey has been proven to be the highest quality and because it is genuine Manuka honey https://www.gatherby.org/our_certifications

   4. There has also been alot of independent scientific research that has been done for Manuka honey. Here is some of that research available on our webiste:
https://www.gatherby.org/honey_research https://www.gatherby.org/references

  5. On the back of every jar of honey that we sell, there is a QR code. That code will tell you the provenance of each jar of honey, and the code will trace the honey back to the hive. If you would like some help with this, we can assist you with using this tracking code, just email us at [email protected].



 6. Gather By is also a founding member of the Australian Manuka Honey Association AMHA. The AMHA logo on our website is a mark of authenticity to provide consumer confidence. The AMHA has a Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure that the highest standards of Australian Manuka honey are maintained across the country. AMHA also have very clear, robust, scientifically proven, international guidelines that benchmark and define the criteria to identify genuine and authentic Australian Manuka honey. As members of this association, our honey is certified and guaranteed to be genuine and authentic Australian Manuka honey. 


7. We also know that NZ is a country where producers tend to "cream" their honey. This means that the NZ honey is runny and smooth to begin with, however the honey is put through a "creaming" process to make their honey thicker. NZ like to make their honey in this thicker way. At Gather By Australia, we do not cream our honey because we prefer our honey to be smooth and clear. This is the honey’s most natural form and we think it tastes better and has a more appealing consistency.



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