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YARTA Volunteer Opportunities

In Yarta Boolambayte, we grow our own food and produce a unique, high-value bioactive honey that can be used for medicinal purposes. The team is aiming to create opportunities and partnerships to grow earth care principles. 

You'll be able to set up camp and absorb the divine serenity of the property as well as benefit from learning about the many aspects of farming and building. It’s an opportunity to be a part of something that’s bigger than any one of us, a growing movement around the world. Once we're up and running in the veggie patch and nursery, we’ll be creating food boxes for our volunteers as a take-home reminder of your Yarta participation. Not to mention, you'll be leaving with our deep appreciation! 




Our seasonal farm and building projects

Summer – Finish outdoor Yarta kitchen

Winter – Building compost bays and chicken coup, up-scale veggie patch, pond regeneration 

Autumn – General property maintenance and preparing for spring

Spring – Planting fruit tress, nut, berry bushes and vegetables


Summer only - Working with Bees once a month

Educational workshops on Tea Tree paddock maintenance, weeding, pruning and watering.


Camp and Work Exchange

Jobs include:

- Building beds for fruit trees 

- Vegetable patch maintenance, watering, weeding, planting

- Meditation area clean-up

- Gathering stick and stones (the most useful tasks)

- Composting/collection of grass after slashing, horse manure pick up


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