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All honeys aren't honeys. Recently imported honeys have been found to be contaminated with sugars, corn syrup and sweeteners that have never seen a bee or a bee hive. Honey, like all foods needs to have integrity in how it’s sourced, produced and distributed. Gather By brings a secure chain of custody for its honeys - transparency from hive to consumer and truth in labelling.

Gather By has an established and trusted channel direct to market (local and international) for our local beekeepers, be they small, medium or large.

The Honey Channel consists of two channels that beekeepers can use:

The Medicinal Honey Channel ™

Often high value Australian Manuka honeys (Jelly bush or Leptospermum honey) are sold by the drum to large honey packers and can be blended by them with honeys from other bio-regions and floral sources to achieve a lower price point for mass markets and commercial food chains. Particularly when sold internationally, medicinally active honeys sold by the drum are easily tampered with and their uniqueness and potency compromised to the end users great disadvantage. This practice also undermines both the reputation of Australian Manuka honeys as trustworthy and of reliable quality and the ability of the beekeeper selling quality pure product to achieve a fair price for his honey in the market place.

If you are producing active Australian Manuka honey and want a fair and direct channel to market then click though on the link below - "Join as a Beekeeper" and we will ring you to discuss how we can work together.

The People's Honey Channel ™

This section of The Honey Channel brings pure, unheated and unblended Australian honeys to the market place.  Again, we have a secure chain of custody for these honeys to ensure the honey purchased by customers is what it is labelled as being.

Fair market price for honey with a profit share back to the beekeeper whether they are operating a small, medium or large business. Become a Landholder growing highly active Leptospermum plants where Gather By beekeepers bring their bees to produce highly active honeys for the Honey Channel.

If you are an apiarist with honeys produced by bees on chemical free plants and bush lands and you want a more direct and transparent channel to market then make contact with us to discuss how we could work together. The link to our form is below. We look forward to speaking with you.

How does The Honey Channel ™ benefit the end user? 

Our honey is sourced from apiarists who use “bee friendly” hive management practices. By this, we mean that the health and well being of the bee colony is paramount and prioritised above the drive for yield and profit. Honeys comes into the packing process pure and natural, are tested by independent laboratories and labelled both with MGO and ULF™ ratings, then packed in tamper proof bottles. In the future you will also see the bio-region that the honey is sourced from and be able to search on the label code to view a video of the bees who made your honey busily at work. How good is that!

How does using The Honey Channel benefit the beekeeper?

Many Australian beekeepers work exceptionally hard and love their bees, yet struggle to support their families on low profits for long hours of work. For the apiarists using our channel we pay current market price for the honeys and profit share with them. This puts extra cash back in their lives and reduces the time they need to spend marketing and distributing their beautiful honeys. More time to smell the flowers and spend time with family.

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Why would a grower be interested?

If you have Australian native Leptospermum plants growing on your property or in the bush land adjacent, we would like to talk with you. Over clearing of naturally occurring stands of Leptospermum plants means that there are too few sites suitable for beekeepers to place their bees on and produce the volumes of honey needed to meet increasing market demand for quality Australian Manuka honey. 

Gather By is undertaking supplementary plantings of specially propagated Leptospermum seedlings taken from plants that have a history of producing high potency medically active honey. If you own land that is situated in the natural growth belt for these plants and would like to be involved in supplementary plantings of Leptospermum, we would like speak with you about this new agribusiness.

Ideally, as a grower, you will be located between Bulahdelah on the Mid Coast of NSW through to Bundaberg, QLD in the coastal regions. You will not be using agrichemicals on your land and the surrounding properties and bush land will be chemical free. These regions are ideal for healthy growth of Australian Manuka plants.

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Leptospermum locations - naturally occurring


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