The Bee School: teaching the youngens

 Naila and a Native Hive

 Did you know? 

  •  Australia holds more than 1500 species of bees.
  •  European honeybees can be guards, foragers and nurses all in the one lifespan.
  •  Our native bees, the Tetragonula Carbonaria, build perfect spiral shape brood nests.
  •  A worker honeybee larvae takes 21 days to develop and the adult bee lives between 3 weeks and 6 months.
  •  The Queen honeybee larvae takes 18 days to develop and the adult lives up to 5 Years!
  •  Males honeybees don’t work, they strive to mate a queen and 'if they're lucky', they die in the air while doing it!


Bees are fascinating creatures and important for us to learn about as they play an integral part in much of the food that we eat. To help kid's learn about bees, Naïla Evan has established The Bee School.

The Bee School is a teaching project aiming to trigger a longterm interest in young generations around native bees, honeybees but also food security, natural proved health strategies, but also to transmit ecological, sustainable and "do it yourself" values. Under the form of incursions these education programs are delivered in preschools, primary schools and vacation centres. Various activities are proposed depending on the education centre and the age of the students. The most important activities aim to teach about native bees, bee social and sustainable behaviours and bee biology, these activities include observations of live Australian social stingless native bees (Tetragonula carbonaria), curriculum based games developing sciences and literacy skills. Demonstrations and speech content incorporate hive products and their infinite values in health and nutrition which of course includes honey testing. 




For this project to come alive, Naïla needs your support. All funds will be used for educational material such as microscope, iPad, demonstration hives, beekeeping material, 3D models, board games, marketing materials, and diverse raw equipment necessary for workshops such as wax, wood, bamboo and more! 



Our current projects

Yarta kitchen: a social enterprise project with Corey Grech

The Yarta Outdoor Kitchen, 3 hours north of Sydney at Boolambayte is just one of our amazing projects that you can get involved in. An outdoor learning space which also has the capacity to host community events and gatherings.

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Yarta Boolambayte: a food security showcase

Yarta Boolambayte grows food and produces a unique, high-value bioactive Manuka honey that can be used for medicinal purposes. The team is aiming to create opportunities and partnerships to grow earth care principles.

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