Food Security: Authentication & Protection

Where does our food come from, what’s its provenance, how do we know what we are eating and that it hasn’t been interfered with?  Counterfeiting, fraud and misleading labelling - a global problem – in our own backyard.


Gather By Guarantees Authentic Contents

We secure the entire supply chain - our high-value Medicinal Honey Plants and Gather by Bioactive+ Manuka Honey™.  We secure the process of identifying, propagating, growing, planting, maintaining and harvesting our produce.  We provide comprehensive documentation and knowhow to registered people under mutual confidentiality agreements.  To ensure our extant and evolving IP, we have implemented a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain security system.


Medicinal Honey Plants

Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) are filed for our first 10 potent plants.  Genome sequencing is being developed for high-value hybrids and this data used to enforce PBRs.  Secure cloud-based storage used for management of trade secret information prior to patenting: plant identification data; planting models; nectar tests; soil tests; GPS location of parent stock and honey tests from hives located on associated test sites; coding of plants’ identification numbers.  Technical Planting Manuals produced are copyrighted.  Nurseries used for plant stock production will only do so under license from Gather By. To protect the entire process we include:

  • End to end documentation: building a comprehensive repository of detailed documentation of process steps and activities.  Technical manuals will provide scenario-based problem solving and trouble-shooting guidance for operation.
  • Supply chain security: a process involving track-and-trace tagging of individual plants from nursery propagation to consumer planting – from hive to home.
  • Agreements: Standard legally-binding written agreements are being established with third-party stakeholders (Landholders, Beekeepers, Honey Packers, Nursery operators and Employees)
  • Insurances: covering comprehensive professional indemnity, public liability, and product insurance.

Gather By Bioactive+ Manuka Honey™

A unique, high-quality, high-value medicinal honey for wound care, first aid, health and wellness is guaranteed of provenance and authentic contents. The product is built on foundation of a long-term, secured supply chain agribusiness model for a national and global market.


Guarantee of Provenance

  1. Bees feed on the nectar of Australian native Leptospermum plants growing in secret locations of pristine bushland or in our purpose designed Medicinal Honey Forest producing unique, proven bioactive medicinal honey.
  2. Experienced Leptospermum beekeepers, sustainably harvest the bioactive medicinal honey using cold extraction methods preserving the antibacterial properties. Bees are managed naturally, without the use of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sugar or corn syrup feed.
  3. Each batch of honey is tested before it is stored at a climate controlled location for up to 6 months allowing for the bioactive properties to mature.
  4. The honey is then tested again at an accredited international laboratory. The MGO reading is taken and the quality mark, Unique Leptospermum Factor ULF™ determined. Honey is also tested for the presence of contaminants: non honey sugars, antibiotics or agri-chemical contamination
  5. Honey is packaged in tamper evident jars with secure DNA labeling. Each jar is securely printed with the MGO and ULF ratings including jar and batch numbers. Jar and batch numbers can be authenticated at
  6. Registering your honey and download your certificate of authenticity that guarantees the bioactive levels of your honey and proves authentic contents free of pesticides, non honey sugars and antibiotics  After registering your honey why not explore our showcase site and participate in Gather By, meeting others aligned in our common goals of sustainability, earth regeneration and community.



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