Rural Skills Series – Managing Beef & Dairy Cattle

Ok, so you’ve decided on cows for your property. But how should you prepare for and look after them? What breeds should you select? What do they need, what do you need to do to keep them, and are they the right ones for your farm or property?

Dairy and beef cows have specific needs and characteristics. They both provide great benefits to your farm or permaculture system in the provision of grass mowing services, meat, milk, manure, hides and more. Both have the ability to regenerate your landscape provided they are managed well.

Like with any animal cows have very specific requirements. Good fencing or electric wire is essential to control your cows and prevent them from escaping into the neighbours veggie patch. Cows particularly cause many disputes in the country with niose and escapees. Good structures and management systems for your cows can save you disputes with neighbors, stress, heartache and legal penalities. Having the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your animals well will also save you money, time and inconvenience.

October 17, 2015 at 9am - October 18, 2015
Bandusia Country Retreat
1056 Upper MacDonald Rd
Upper MacDonald, NSW 2775
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$250.00 AUD · Purchase tickets

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