Rural Skills Series – Fireproofing your property

Fire is an impending and serious threat to many people in both rural and urban Australia. It is critical therefore to have a good fire plan, a good property design to prevent, protect and reduce harm from it. We need to plan and implement strategies at a personal, household and community level to cope with bushfire threat and any assistance from the authorities is just a bonus.

This bushfire workshop aims to empower the individual to prepare for the constant threat of bushfire every summer. No matter what decision we make about whether to leave or stay, we must have a plan and put into action each and every ‘fire’ day. A fire may start in the paddock or house next door so we need to be equipped both psychologically and practically for this fact of life – bushfire threat. So not having a plan is not an option.

This is a unique and special workshop will help make your property as safe and protected from fire as possible. It will provide you with the basic knowledge of fire and how to plan and design for a fire threat. Good design that will meet your needs and provide protection for people animals and property.

September 26, 2015 at 9am - September 27, 2015
Bandusia Country Retreat
1056 Upper MacDonald Rd
Upper MacDonald, NSW 2775
Google map and directions
$145.00 AUD · Purchase tickets

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