Preparing the Land

In preparing the land, the Gather By team has to ensure that the seedlings are put in an environment where they can blossom to their full potential. Unfortunately, a huge threat to this is kikuyu grass, which is an invasive pest that interconnects underground and takes all the vital nutrients out of the plants around it. In order for these plants to blossom, the Gather By team has to implement necessary yet environmentally friendly measures to get rid of the kikuyu grass while ensuring minimal harm is caused to the leptospermum, surrounding plants, and to the bees. We found it beneficial to use organic pelargonic acid combined with the use of weed mats as you can see from the images below. The weed mats were put down early in the planting process with pelargonic acid to cut out light to start the first of bioregion plantings.

With the help of individuals, like Gavin Smith, we were able to connect with new people and we were able to bring in volunteers who shared our passion for bush regeneration and conservation. This was our first volunteering session, which has become an integral part of the Gather By model. 


150328-Boolambayte15.jpg 150328-Boolambayte4.jpg


150328-Boolambayte5.jpg 150329-Boolambayte21.jpg

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