Platinum Range



We are thrilled over here at Gather By HQ to be launching our brand new range of 
Premium Products.

The first of these is the 
Platinum Range.

Our newest and highest grade of honey with an MGO Rating of between* 1,000 and 1,200, this is some of the highest classification of Manuka Honey in the world.

Super medicinal and highly therapeutic, this Manuka honey is super high strength and is more potent for longer periods and can be used for sore throats/strep, cuts/wounds, MRSA infections like staph as well as acne/skin care.

As a launch special, we are offering the Platinum Range for $199 instead of $239.

 Just type in the code LAUNCH at checkout to unlock this special price! 







 Our Australian Manuka Honey is rich and runny, healthy and tasty. We course filter it but we don't heat our honey. We don't cream it either - and here's why:

 For further info about the medicinal benefits of Australian Manuka Honey, click here to read up on the science of this Miracle Manuka here.

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 Big Love from your friends at Gather By and we hope that you are just as       excited about our newest Australian Manuka Honey as we are. 🐝 🍯 🌼

* Please note that the MGO rating of your jar of Platinum Australian Manuka Honey could be rated between 1,000 and 1,200 depending on seasonal variations - the rating will be written on the front of your jar - this does not affect taste, texture or therapeutic benefits.



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