Planting for bee fodder

  • Plant a garden with copious amounts of nectar and pollen to support the honey bee colonies.  The honey bees will be happy and so will many native bees, beneficial insects, butterflies moths, and other organisms - plus the human guests.  Here are some basics tips to help:

    • Plant many native shrubs, trees and flowers to ensure that the native beneficial insects are catered for as well as honey bees.

    • Plant a garden that has flowers at all times of the year, particularly in regions with mild winters where honey bees forage all year round

    • Ensure the garden has a clean fresh water source or a water feature for bees to drink on hot sunny days

    • Provide shady areas for insects to shelter from heat or native bees to set up nests

    • Keep your gardens and bush lands free from herbicides, pesticides and fungicides

    • Nature is messy! And that mess creates opportunity for wildlife

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