Our Happy Honey


Here's our Happy Crew packing our Happy Honey from our Happy Bees.

Today we are packing the MGO 500+. This rating of honey (and above) means that the honey is proven to be "therapeutic" and can be used for medicinal purposes. Check out our Australian Manuka Honey chart below to see which of our Bioactive+ Manuka is best for you and your family.



We are also currently packing our MGO 100+ and MGO 250+ (for general wellness and every day use as an immunity booster, oral health and gut health) as well as our MGO 500+ and 800+ (for sore throats, staph, strep, acne, wound care, burns and skin care).

We guarantee overnight shipping and free delivery to anywhere in Australia for orders of over $100 through our online store which means you could be enjoying your honey tomorrow (next business day delivery) https://www.gatherby.org/shop.

We re located right next door to the Ballina Byron Airport if you prefer to pickup from our shop. And if you're into research, check out all the scientific references for all of the healing benefits of Manuka on our website here https://www.gatherby.org/references.


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