Easy Growing

Pictured below is the fruit of our labour and the result of so much hard work, and - as you can see - it’s very impressive!

Getting to this point, at the end of such a long process, is an incredibly rewarding feeling. Knowing that we are contributing to the regeneration of other native Australian bush, whilst providing bees with the fodder they need to produce our unique medicinal honey, is why we love what we do at Gather By!


170219-Boolambayte1.jpg 170219-Boolambayte2.jpg

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Planting and volunteers

Without the help and support of the local community, Gather By wouldn’t be able keep our unique regenerative model functioning. Our team, with the help of volunteers, worked from the early morning to late at night digging holes, planting, putting down mats and placing protection around the seedlings to shield them from harsh weather conditions. This is tiring work, however, we make sure our employees and volunteers get plenty of well-deserved breaks - as you can see! 

It is this dedication and hard work that Gather By prides itself on and what makes our final product so exceptional. 

150328-Boolambayte11.jpg 150328-Boolambayte1.jpg

150328-H-Boolambayte7.jpg 150329-Boolambayte20.jpg


Secondary planting

Pictured below is the beginning of our secondary planning at Myall lakes, as we prepared for a new planting after the success of our initial planting.

These photos depict the new damn, the beginning of a new garden and even our first leptospermum blossom! 

Growth and rain

The images below illustrate the necessity of rain for the growth of the leptospermum and, also, the potential risks to the plants and how careful planning can minimise the potential damage of environmental factors.

Heavy rain, during the growth period, led to a once-in-20-year flood, which could have had a drastic impact on the plants; however, with careful contingency planning, we were able to minimise the damage of these floods. The plants were planted on high ground, in protected areas, which meant the rain had a positive impact on plants - instead of wiping them out completely!

160103-Boolambayte4.jpg 160103-Boolambayte5.jpg

160105-BoolambayteFlooding10.jpg 160105-BoolambayteFlooding11.jpg

160105-BoolambayteFlooding14.jpg 160105-BoolambayteFlooding15.jpg

planting out

March 2015, Myall Lakes, the first planting of seedling stock.

Planting 1 Gather By Planting Out 2 Gather By

Planting out 3 Gather By 150329-Boolambayte21.jpg

150329-Boolambayte25.jpg 150731-Boolambayte32.jpg

Preparing the Land

In preparing the land, the Gather By team has to ensure that the seedlings are put in an environment where they can blossom to their full potential. Unfortunately, a huge threat to this is kikuyu grass, which is an invasive pest that interconnects underground and takes all the vital nutrients out of the plants around it. In order for these plants to blossom, the Gather By team has to implement necessary yet environmentally friendly measures to get rid of the kikuyu grass while ensuring minimal harm is caused to the leptospermum, surrounding plants, and to the bees. We found it beneficial to use organic pelargonic acid combined with the use of weed mats as you can see from the images below. The weed mats were put down early in the planting process with pelargonic acid to cut out light to start the first of bioregion plantings.

With the help of individuals, like Gavin Smith, we were able to connect with new people and we were able to bring in volunteers who shared our passion for bush regeneration and conservation. This was our first volunteering session, which has become an integral part of the Gather By model. 


150328-Boolambayte15.jpg 150328-Boolambayte4.jpg


150328-Boolambayte5.jpg 150329-Boolambayte21.jpg

Planning the Planting

Gather By prides itself on its talented, experienced and hardworking employees and volunteers, such as Gavin Smith, who owns the property where we planted our first seedlings. Gavin used his permaculture background and passion for bush regeneration to help us get the ball rolling. Pictured next to Gavin is co-founder of Gather By, Jenna, whose expertise is crucial in the planning of planting in our various bioregions Her talent is depicted in the images below, with various maps illustrating the complexity of the planting process. 

150731-LeptoPlan2.jpg 150926-LeptoPlan3.jpg


150926-LeptoPlan7.jpg 150927-LeptoShed1.jpg

First Planting

To make our medicinal honey, Gather By must plant these seedlings at the right time of the year, which is typically in Autumn or Spring. A lot of care and love goes into making sure these seedlings will be planted at the right time to maximise their growth potential. 

The pictures below show the propagated plants that are ready to be planted

141103-Boolambayte25.jpg 141103-Boolambayte26.jpg


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