Easy Growing

Pictured below is the fruit of our labour and the result of so much hard work, and - as you can see - it’s very impressive!

Getting to this point, at the end of such a long process, is an incredibly rewarding feeling. Knowing that we are contributing to the regeneration of other native Australian bush, whilst providing bees with the fodder they need to produce our unique medicinal honey, is why we love what we do at Gather By!


170219-Boolambayte1.jpg 170219-Boolambayte2.jpg

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Planting and volunteers

Without the help and support of the local community, Gather By wouldn’t be able keep our unique regenerative model functioning. Our team, with the help of volunteers, worked from the early morning to late at night digging holes, planting, putting down mats and placing protection around the seedlings to shield them from harsh weather conditions. This is tiring work, however, we make sure our employees and volunteers get plenty of well-deserved breaks - as you can see! 

It is this dedication and hard work that Gather By prides itself on and what makes our final product so exceptional. 

150328-Boolambayte11.jpg 150328-Boolambayte1.jpg

150328-H-Boolambayte7.jpg 150329-Boolambayte20.jpg


Landholders: a regenerative agribusiness

Australian farmers, landholders, beekeepers and people in the honey industry are rolling up their sleeves and working with us to build new agribusiness models producing medicinal honey.

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Wakeup freakout

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Eco cave house

Visit Underhill, the incredible hobbit-home like, eco-cave house built into a hillside.

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Overgrowthesystem.com presents Sea to Seed - a sailboat tour of farming, music and regenerative culture.

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Vandana Shiva - We Are Seeds

We are Seeds: Let us recognize that in the seed and the soil we can find answers to every one of the crisis we are facing.

Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist and anti-globalization author. Shiva, currently based in Delhi, has authored more than twenty books.  She is one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement.

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