Honey Tastings

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Did you know that we now do honey Tastings?

Pop into our shop at HQ and taste our delicious range of Australian Manuka Honey produced from pristine forests on the East Coast of Australia.
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Gut Health


As Gut Health becomes increasingly more the focus of modern diet and wellness, there are a range of steps to help support your gut. Manuka Honey has been found to be a strong prebiotic1. Prebiotics are beneficial to colonic bacteria2 and thereby have the potential to improve gut health3 and also to improve inflammation of the bowel4. Manuka honey also increased the growths of certain Lactobacillus5 probiotics and decreased the growths of pathogens like E. coli, perhaps thanks to its antibacterial compounds. A strong gut6 is also linked with a strong immunity7.


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Platinum Range



We are thrilled over here at Gather By HQ to be launching our brand new range of 
Premium Products.

The first of these is the 
Platinum Range.

Our newest and highest grade of honey with an MGO Rating of between* 1,000 and 1,200, this is some of the highest classification of Manuka Honey in the world.

Super medicinal and highly therapeutic, this Manuka honey is super high strength and is more potent for longer periods and can be used for sore throats/strep, cuts/wounds, MRSA infections like staph as well as acne/skin care.

As a launch special, we are offering the Platinum Range for $199 instead of $239.

 Just type in the code LAUNCH at checkout to unlock this special price! 







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Why We Don’t Cream Our Honey

At Gather By, our honey is 100% genuine Australian Manuka.

Not only do we grow the Manuka ourselves, but we also employ highly experienced beekeepers to maintain our bees and to collect our honey.

Our honey is harvested from multiple varieties and a diversity of Manuka plants which grow natively here on the East Coast of Australia.


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Our Happy Honey


Here's our Happy Crew packing our Happy Honey from our Happy Bees.

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Honey Traceability & Honey Library



 National Honey Library will soon Provide Authenticity of Honey

   There is a project currently underway to trace and track the origins of honey in Australia.
   This project is being conducted by the CRC Centre whom we are Research Partners with (see here).

   In this research project, scientists are collecting thousands of honey samples
   to develop a new national honey library.

   The project is aimed at increasing supply chain transparency by developing
   a new hive-to-shelf traceability system.

   The industry says it's important it has the tools to prove the authenticity of its honey
   following the 2018 adulteration scandal.

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Herbert's Story





I’ve been in sales for the past 35 years, however, I’m the happiest when my wife Kerry and I see Sydney in our rear vision mirror and are going ‘bush’. Before buying our farm South West of Grafton (bottom end of the Northern Rivers), I knew absolutely nothing about living on the land or being a farmer, grower, or planter – that’s where Gather By came in.


After meeting Matt, founder and CEO of Gather By, Kerry and I got excited. The wheels in our heads were spinning, knowing in our hearts that this was our way of getting out of the city and building something meaningful for our retirement (within the next 5-10 years). With guidance from Gather By, we found a suitable property, made our land purchase and we now have around 3,500 plants in the ground with the next 1,250 plants being planted this Spring of 2020.

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Crystallisation of Honey


Crystallisation of any type of honey does happen from time to time, even Manuka, and this is perfectly normal. Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallise over time however this has no effect on the honey other than texture, in fact, the crystallisation of honey actually preserves the flavour and quality of your honey.

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What is medicinal honey

Gather By Bioactive Manuka Honey is sourced from the pristine bushland on the east coast of Australia. Each batch of honey is independently tested and its provenance is guaranteed from hive to home. 

To buy some of our new Gather By Bioactive Honey, visit our Honey store.

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Our Upgraded Hygiene Practices


At Gather By, we have always taken our cleanliness and hygiene practices seriously, and now that we have met all HACCP* and BQUAL** requirements earlier this year, we now have the highest food safety certifications available to us both nationally and internationally.  Please see our expanded hygiene practices, particularly regarding COVID-19:-

  • All contact surfaces cleaned & sanitised twice a day
  • Hand sanitiser used by staff whenever entering the premises
  • Hands washed with antibacterial soap routinely and also as needed throughout the day and dried with disposable paper towels
  • All staff have a duty of disclosure regarding any communicable diseases
  • Filling & production room is cleaned and sanitised daily – it is also separated from the rest of the premises and individually air-conditioned
  • Only registered cleaning products are used
  • Bathroom deep cleaned and sanitised daily
  • All incoming parcels documented and sanitised prior to introduction to facility
  • All products used are tracked back to suppliers for recall and food safety standards
  • Daily and weekly cleaning program for all areas of the warehouse

Further measures were specifically taken regarding the COVID-19 virus:-

  • Temporary closure of retail shop until further notice, preventing the public from entering the premises
  • Courier deliveries must leave parcels at the entrance door with no contact
  • Honey is now only being delivered via express post to everyone’s door and therefore purchases can now only be made online
  • Only employees that are absolutely essential allowed in the facility and all follow strict government guidelines of personal distancing and hygiene
  • Most meetings now by video conference – face-to-face meetings being kept to a minimum – personal distancing requirements are being met

If you have any queries regarding our hygiene practices, please click here


*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

** The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) independently developed and audited food safety program


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