Growers: a regenerative agribusiness

Australian farmers, growers, beekeepers and people in the honey industry are rolling up their sleeves and working with us to build new agribusiness models producing medicinal honey.


You can get involved too! Please click here if you’re a grower and happy to tell us about you and your land.  Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, then we can get back to you and get the ball rolling.

We are working together driving regenerative agribusiness to produce high-value honey: honey with stong antibacterial activity from high levels of active ingredient methylglyoxal (MGO). We are supplying to an international market (vis. Manuka honey). This is highly valued as a complementary medicine particularly for wound care, where it can spare the use of front-line antibiotics, ameliorating the ever-present threat of resistance.  Watch the growing range of complementary products and medicinal uses for this unique honey.  This honey is Gather By Bioactive+ Manuka Honey™.


We are seeking growers interested in new ways of land regeneration to generate income from specifically selected Australian native bush - the Medicinal Honey Forest™.  Our innovative business model is based on regenerative beekeeping practices and sustainable honey production methodologies. The good news is that there is real value and profits to all stakeholders – you as a grower as well as  beekeepers, honeypackers, and the environment.   What’s not to love about that?


The Medicinal Honey Forest™

So this is an ongoing proposition, The Medicinal Honey Forest is specifically designed to match the ecology of the planting site and it's bioregion. There are two key success factors:

  1. Medicinal Honey Plants (MHP) is where it all begins. Be it one or more of our proprietary elite strains of Australian native tea trees (genus Leptospermum; aka ‘jelly bush’ and ‘manuka’) ‘clonal plants.’ These have high level expression of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in their nectar, and as grown, retain the properties of the parent plant.

    Why is this important? In honey, DHA is naturally converted to methylglyoxal (MGO), which is the responsible for most of the antibacterial activity of the honey.  The rate of conversion of DHA to MGO is affected, to some extent, by other naturally occurring components in particular honeys, but primarily depends on storage temperature and type of Leptospermum.  The final MGO content of the honey is predictable, within an acceptable margin for error.


  2. What else is there for bees to forage on? The next most important factor is what other species of native plants there are on site to act as supplemental bee fodder. The Medicinal Honey Forest includes a diversity of fodder plants that help to maintain bee strength and health year round.  Bees in a MHF will be strong fat bees, resistant to pests and diseases and happy to produce good volumes of honey.  

So, what about these Medicinal Honey Plants?

Gather By has done extensive field work over several years and has identified a significant number of Medicinal Honey Plants (MHP) with high-yielding nectar from across several bioregions. 

Cuttings from these plants have been propagated, and 1 - 3 Ha test sites planted to make sure the strain/phenotype stability in different bioregions to produce medicinal honey. You can only get these high yielding plants from us as there are Plant Breeders Rights to protect the intellectual property in developing these and your peace of mind in your investment.


Production scale up is happening for ten of our potent plants and we are progressing to produce at least 750,000 MHP plants for small commercial scale plantations, with planting-out completed within 2 years. If you are interested in being involved, tell us about your land in the grower survey click here.


Honey production can start the season after planting, with yields increasing annually until the plants reach maturity at 3 years.  

Honey from these MHP will be the highest-grade active honey available on the market. How do we know? Data from our test plantations provide proof of revenue returns at scale to drive further uptake of the Medicinal Honey Forest technology with interested parties.


Interested? Please click here if you’re a grower and happy to tell us about your land.  Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, then we can get back to you and get the ball rolling.

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