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Australian Manuka honey is some of the world’s most powerful healing honey. It is being used worldwide for wound care, bacterial infections, burns, gastric ulcers, gut health, oral health[1], sore throats [2] and general wellbeing[3].


Manuka honey has a wide range of health benefits. In addition to its well-known antibiotic properties, it is being sold into a variety of markets, including food and grocery, veterinary care, skin and wound care, as well as the expanding complementary medicine market. Globally, the complementary medicine market alone is valued at $103.8 billion[4] and growing at 19.9% per year.


Because we love our community, Gather By is providing a unique opportunity for you to become more involved in the development and expansion of the Australian ManukaTM honey industry throughout Australia.


With the demand for Gather By’s premium Australian Manuka honey in a period of growth and expansion, and with bank interest rates at a historical low, Gather By is offering the opportunity for sophisticated investors to purchase a Honey Asset Certificate, which provides a high-interest return of 10% annualised.






Australia’s honey industry draws its main benefits from enjoying wide, open, non-polluted spaces for bees to forage on native plants, reasonably good soils, typically good rainfall along the coasts, and an excellent bio-security and regulatory environment.


Gather By’s bioactive+ Manuka honey™ is a therapeutic and medicinal honey derived from Australian selected native and highly active Leptospermum plants. In Australia, this special plant is called ‘Jelly Bush’, or ‘Manuka’, and Australia is fortunate to have many varieties of this Manuka plant here.





Gather By, who were a 2019 Northern Rivers Business Chamber finalist for Excellence in Innovation[6], has a vision of largescale plantations of Australian native Leptospermum plants. Their aim is to plant 5,000 Ha in 5 years – that’s 6.25 million plants in the ground, which will produce 2,500 tonnes of world-premium honey annually in Australia for a deep-niche global market. It’s an entirely new method of agribusiness that incorporates a holistic closed-loop, capital efficient, scalable model.






Gather By achieved HACCP and BQUAL certifications earlier this year, which means that hawse have the highest industry certifications available at both a national and international level. This gives us new rights to sign off as manufacturer, which is a significant achievement. 


Gather By has recently relocated their headquarters and warehouse facility from Sydney to Ballina NSW and upgraded their packing systems to catch up with global demand.





We work together with experienced beekeepers to ensure optimum bee health, and sustainable production with no use of pesticides, antibiotics or contaminants.





Each batch of honey is independently tested*, through collaboration with the scientific community, to guarantee quality and accuracy of the MGO rating, as well as best-practice bee health and extraction techniques.

Gather By is a regenerative agribusiness that provides premium Australian Manuka honeys, through an integrated community of partnerships spanning the entire supply chain. These partnerships focus on quality and sustainability at every point in the chain to guarantee the optimum outcome for the product, the environment, the bees and the community.

Gather By’s new regenerative agribusiness model is one solution for the current major economic, social and environmental disruption. By investing in Australian Manuka honey, you would be investing in small Australian business, native Australian bush regeneration, bee populations and the world’s most potent bioactive+ honey for health and wellbeing.








Investing in honey is investing in bees, which are vital to ensuring food security and economic stimulus. It is estimated that honey bee pollination contributes $4-6 billion to the Australian economy, as bees pollinate approximately 70 of the 100-crop species that feed 90% of the world.[7]










If you are interested in finding out more about Gather By’s Honey Asset certificates, please contact  Lee Vakas, Finance Manager at [email protected]


Other ways to Become an Investor with Gather By


We are also providing other unique opportunities to participate in the development and expansion of the Australian Manuka honey industry, through:


  • growing plants and producing honey
  • distributing and reselling Gather By honey
  • investing in equity capital in Gather By
  • regenerating Australian bushland for a return in honey


If you are interested in finding out more about any of these ways that you could partner with us, please contact Matt Blomfield, CEO at [email protected] or +61 2 4022 9597



[3] s://  
[5] Gather By reserves the right to close each certificate round when it is fully subscribed

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