Honey Traceability & Honey Library



 National Honey Library will soon Provide Authenticity of Honey

   There is a project currently underway to trace and track the origins of honey in Australia.
   This project is being conducted by the CRC Centre whom we are Research Partners with (see here).

   In this research project, scientists are collecting thousands of honey samples
   to develop a new national honey library.

   The project is aimed at increasing supply chain transparency by developing
   a new hive-to-shelf traceability system.

   The industry says it's important it has the tools to prove the authenticity of its honey
   following the 2018 adulteration scandal.









Traceability and Transparency

Everything is being carefully collected, stored and controlled in this new honey library
because the system is only as good as the quality of the sample.

Beekeepers are welcoming this transparency so that if they get asked if the honey is pure,
they can confirm that their honey has been tested.

At Gather By, we also welcome this new Honey Library and this new Honey Traceability project.
It means that we can confirm to our customers the Quality Assurance that we already know
we are maintaining throughout our whole trusted supply chain.






Gather By Track & Trace System

Gather By honey also has a unique bar code where you can check the provenance of your own jar of honey – right back to the beehive where it was made – so you can be assured that your honey is pure and you know its origins



More information about this new Honey Library and Honey Traceability project is available at this link here:




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