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I’ve been in sales for the past 35 years, however, I’m the happiest when my wife Kerry and I see Sydney in our rear vision mirror and are going ‘bush’. Before buying our farm South West of Grafton (bottom end of the Northern Rivers), I knew absolutely nothing about living on the land or being a farmer, grower, or planter – that’s where Gather By came in.


After meeting Matt, founder and CEO of Gather By, Kerry and I got excited. The wheels in our heads were spinning, knowing in our hearts that this was our way of getting out of the city and building something meaningful for our retirement (within the next 5-10 years). With guidance from Gather By, we found a suitable property, made our land purchase and we now have around 3,500 plants in the ground with the next 1,250 plants being planted this Spring of 2020.




Challenges & Benefits


The biggest challenge on our journey with Gather By has been working out what planting and growth methods work best for us and our land. Aligning with Gather By’s business model, we want to be as organic as possible and avoid using herbicides or pesticides. With the knowledge that we could achieve our vision of an organic farm, and after nutting out a unique strategy for our property, we planted Leptospermum in March 2019. These sturdy, native Australian plants are now over a metre wide and high. Due to their success, come Spring 2020, we are expecting to harvest our first batch of Australian medicinal honey.



Tailored Solutions


Gather By has been extremely helpful in tailoring a solution for our specific farm and connecting us with experienced beekeepers to help us get started. We could not have done this sort of project without the wisdom and passion of Gather By’s dedicated team of experts. They are absolutely fantastic to collaborate with – always available for a chat if we need anything and support is only a phone call away. We love being part of the extended Gather By family.



Australian Medicinal Honey


With new adventures comes learnings. The most interesting thing about Australian Manuka honey for us is the fact that it is not only beneficial to use topically, but also internally. We learn more and more every day about the health benefits of honey, which is very exciting and makes us extremely proud to be a part of the process.



Beekeeping Knowledge


By becoming a grower and learning about the incredible process of honey production, we have decided to also become beekeepers. From the first steps of registering with Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and joining the local bee club, we now have four hives in Sydney metro and 10 hives on our farm near Grafton. Over the past eight months alone, we have harvested over 200kgs of table honey, which has mainly come from our Sydney hives as it was an unusually dry season on the farm. In Spring 2020, we may even move some of the Sydney hives to the farm as they are strong and healthy.



Bush Regeneration


Through working with Gather By and being introduced to companies like Soil Food Web and BioDynamic Australia, we have learnt about soil microbiology, composting and biodynamic principles, moon cycles for planting, and so on. This gives us the very best results and allows us to effectively put nutrients back into the soil.



It’s a Win-Win!


Our journey with Gather By has been a truly enlightening and fulfilling experience. Not only is our retirement dream of living on the land being realised, but we are helping regenerate native Australian bush, providing healthy habitats for bees, and producing some of the world’s best honey – it’s a win-win-win! We’re in love with this process and our lives have been all the more enriched on every level from planting a Medicinal Honey Forest with Gather By.




Herbert Haes & Kerry Bryant



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