Growth and rain

The images below illustrate the necessity of rain for the growth of the leptospermum and, also, the potential risks to the plants and how careful planning can minimise the potential damage of environmental factors.

Heavy rain, during the growth period, led to a once-in-20-year flood, which could have had a drastic impact on the plants; however, with careful contingency planning, we were able to minimise the damage of these floods. The plants were planted on high ground, in protected areas, which meant the rain had a positive impact on plants - instead of wiping them out completely!

160103-Boolambayte4.jpg 160103-Boolambayte5.jpg

160105-BoolambayteFlooding10.jpg 160105-BoolambayteFlooding11.jpg

160105-BoolambayteFlooding14.jpg 160105-BoolambayteFlooding15.jpg

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