Gather By MGO 1,069 Bioactive Honey

Gather By's first batch of bioactive honey is world's most powerful healing honey with an actual MGO rating of 1,069, a ULF24.5. 

Gather By Bioactive Manuka Honey is sourced from the pristine bushland on the east coast of Australia. Each batch of honey is independently tested and its provenance is guaranteed from hive to home. 

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What is Bioactive Honey? 

Humans have used honey for its healing properties for thousands of years. Now scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of honey for wound care, gut health and wellness by measuring the activity of anti-bacterial agents. Therapeutic healing powers have been proven to inhibit or kill many microorganisms. Tested against up to 80 different pathogenic and disease causing organisms including the Methicillin - resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) superbugs.  

Wound healing

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved honey is proven to be more effective in treating moderate burns than conventional dressings by applying it to clean dry skin and bandage. 

Gut healing

A teaspoon of honey has shown to improve gut health and relieve the symptoms of a sore throat. It can be placed on sore gums and mouth ulcers, held for 3 minutes to optimise the honey’s natural antiseptic and healing properties. 

Who is Gather By? 

Gather By new agribusiness model honours natural capital inputs with a profit share returned to key stakeholders - the beekeepers, landholders, honey packers and mother nature. This is building robust regional communities and the regeneration of over cleared native bush land. 

Our Guarantee of Provenance

Here at Gather By we know that chain of provenance is important, especially in the medicinal honey business.

1. Bees feed on the nectar of Australian native Leptospermum plants growing in pristine bush land. The honey harvested is unique with proven bioactive medicinal properties.

2.Experienced beekeepers, sustainably harvest this honey and extract it using  cool extraction methods to preserve its bioactive properties. Bees are managed naturally without the use of chemicals.

3. Each batch of honey is tested at harvest and then stored in climate controlled conditions for up to 18 months allowing for the bioactive properties to reach full potency. The honey is tested again prior to packing at an accredited internationally recognised laboratory. The MGO reading is taken and the corresponding ULF factor is determined.

4. Honey is packaged in tamper evident jars. Each jar label is securely printed with the MGO and ULF packing ratings and the unique jar and batch numbers. This jar and batch number can be logged in on to authenticate the honey you have purchased.

5. Registering your jar of honey will allow you to download the certificate of authenticity that confirms the bioactive levels of your honey. You can also view our showcase site and participate in the wide ranging Gather By projects.

To buy some of our new Gather By Bioactive Honey, visit our Honey store.

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