Francesca Esposito

Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager
IT, Communications, Grower Engagement

Francesca is the Marketing & Business Development Manager and is responsible for increasing brand and industry awareness, sales, marketing, communications and the further development of the business for Gather By. She provides a unique blend of specialist business strategy, business development, brand building, business process engineering and IT software design as well as the strategy, design and implementation of key marketing projects.

Francesca has a degree in IT and 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and communications across the public, private and corporate sectors, spanning industries such as the Australian Stock Exchange, Hospitality, Tourism, IT, Telecommunications and Utility Infrastructure. Francesca is a visionary community leader, and as well as having pioneered areas of sustainability, she also heads up two community organisations in the Northern Rivers. She is also a business coach, online specialist, author and speaker and a Northern Rivers local of 25 years where she has created a bio-diverse 100 acre eco-retreat in Binna Burra where she lives and has undertaken significant rainforest regeneration projects.

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