Feather & Bone

If you want to feel confident about the meat you're eating, then make sure you are shopping at Feather & Bone. Feather & Bone was started by Grant Hilliard in 2006 with the purpose of encouraging people to eat less, but higher quality meat. 

In order to serve the very best quality meat available, Feather & Bone do a few things differently:

Whole pasture-raised animals

They source whole, pasture-raised livestock directly from farmers who put animal, plant and soil health as their top priority. The animals live the majority of their lives outdoors in their family groups.   

Soil fertility

As many of us are learning, the health of our soil is a huge factor in the health of the animals we eat. Feather & Bone select farmers who practice regenerative agriculture and use natural systems to achieve optimum soil fertility while avoiding the use chemical growth promotants, pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or prophylactic antibiotics.

Certification and rare breeds

Approximately 70% of the farms that Feather & Bone source from are certified bio-dynamic, organic or Humane Choice Free Range. Of the farms awaiting certification, Grant and his team visit and check their practices which means that you can relax and know that every farm meets the following requirements:

  • meat arrives direct from the abattoir or farm, whole and neither boxed nor packed in plastic
  • are traceable to clearly identified farms that are open to scrutiny
  • are chemical and hormone-free and animals are not administered prophylactic antibiotics
  • live their lives on or with access to pasture
  • have the space and conditions to allow animals express instinctive behaviour
  • are offered feed appropriate to their systems - no grain-fed regimes for ruminants
  • are not the product of intensive feeding regimes
  • Feather & Bone also gives preference to farms growing heritage or rare breeds of livestock. 

At Gather By, there are quite a few of us who are fans of the quality meat at Feather & Bone. Their produce is more expensive than what you would buy at the local supermarket, but the taste is completely different. The meat is sweeter, cooks more easily and is absolutely better for you. So please, check out Feather & Bone, you can get the absolute best quality meat around and even get it delivered. 

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