Carbon Capture


At Gather By, we are actively reforesting deforested bushland of Australia on a large scale by planting 6.25 million trees on 5,000 Ha over the next five years. These reforestation activities not only yield honey, rehabilitate the bush and increase bee populations, but also provide a carbon sink. This means that for every tree that we plant, a certain volume of CO2 is captured from the atmosphere by that tree and is removed from the earth's atmosphere. This helps to heal the Earth and to fight against Climate Change which will have a positive impact on the environment for future generations. We have calculated the CO2 that is captured by each tree below using the Co2 Sequestration calculator on this website:



We found that the weight of CO2 in trees is determined by the ratio of CO2 to Carbon which is 44/12 = 3.67.


Therefore, to determine the weight of carbon dioxide sequestered in the tree, we multiply the weight of the carbon in the tree by 3.671.


CO2 has one molecule of Carbon and 2 molecules of Oxygen. The atomic weight of Carbon is 12 (u) and the atomic weight of Oxygen is 16 (u).


The weight of CO2 in trees is determined by the ratio of CO2 to C and is 44/12 = 3.67. Therefore, to determine the weight of carbon dioxide sequestered in the tree, we multiply the weight of carbon in the tree by 3.671.


Wcarbon-dioxide = 3.67 * Wcarbon

This is an Example of CO2 calculation

Tree details:

  • 10 years old
  • 15 feet tall (“H”)
  • 8 inch trunk (“D”)

Wabove-ground= 0.25 DH= 0.25(82)(15) = 240 lbs or 108Kg


Wtotal green weight = 1.2* Wabove-ground= 1.2 * 240 = 288 lbs or 130Kg


Wdry weight = 0.725 * Wtotal green weight= 0.725 * 288 = 208.8 lbs or 95Kg


Wcarbon = 0.5 * Wdry weight  = 0.5 * 208.8 = 104.4 lbs or 47Kg


Wcarbon-dioxide = 3.67 * Wcarbon  = 3.67 * 104.4 = 382.8 lbs / $173Kg CO2 sequestered in 10 years.


The greatest sequestration stage is in the younger stages of tree growth, depending on rates and peaks of individual species, with the sequestration of CO2 per year dropping thereafter.


CO2 sequestration can differ even within tree species, with multiple factors such as growth conditions also at play. But while the exact CO2 sequestration rates may require more accurate measurements to pinpoint, the impact trees can create is undeniable in our global fight against climate change, in addition to the host of localised functions it can fulfil.


Using an averaged height weight for Leptospermum varieties shown in Tree details above plus adding larger fodder trees and for simplicity, we have rounded up the CO2 sequestered to ~20Kg/annum.  Gather By is planting 6.25 million plants over the next 5 years resulting in CO2 sequestration of 125,000 tonnes per annum.


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We are therefore proud to forecast that our reforestation activities over the next 5 years will result in 625,000 tonnes of CO2 being eliminated from the earth's atmosphere.  



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