Native Bees: Australia's own pollinators

Tim Heard’s “The Australian Native Bee Book” has just been launched and it’s packed full of quality photos, graphics and diagrams. It’s an information rich handbook which is laid out in an easy-to-read format laced with humour and inspirational comments making it entertaining as well as educational. 

“Bees are the darlings of the insect world. What gladdens the human spirit as profoundly as the spectacle of bees visiting flowers? The colour and scent of the flower in combination with the obsessive and often noisy quest of the bees, delight us … and the more we learn, the better it gets. Let the learning begin.” 




Tim Heard is the pre-eminent expert in all things to do with native bees and this book is a testament to his dedication and experience, along with that of his wonderful bee team, Claudia Rasche and Toby Smith, at Glenbo Craig of Valley Bees. While Tim and his team could have written the book based purely on their own knowledge and experience, they instead chose to gather and refer to many other experts and characters in the native bee and beekeeping community. 

The core message here is about food security and ensuring the continuation of efficient pollination of our commercial and home garden food crops well into the future. Threats such as pests, diseases, land clearing and agricultural practices are threatening to wipe out colonies of European honey bees so in response to that, increasing populations of our native bees is acting as an insurance policy.

Keeping hives of native bees in your backyard, paddock or garden is a hot topic, and this book is a deeply fascinating journey of discovery of how these little creatures live, their importance in pollination and the ins and outs of keeping stingless native bees, whether it be a country or an urban plot. If you are interested in helping build populations of native pollinators, then grab yourself a copy of Tim Heard’s Australian Native Bee Book to guide you on your journey.   

Click here to check out more about Tim’s new book.


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