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There’s something fascinating about the old tradition of keeping bees. Beekeeping is at present becoming an inspiration and a way to contribute to both urban backyard food production and a wider movement for sustainable agricultural practices. Our food security is tightly woven in with the health of our pollinators. Watching bees forage on your garden flowers, hearing the low calming hum from their hives, smelling their honey on the breeze on warm summer nights can be a nourishing experience. It’s easy, with good training, to keep bees in your backyard, rooftop or in your back paddock. These bees will pollinate local food, bushes, plants and trees for free while producing quality raw honey for you and your family. They ask nothing in return for this immense service to us. They do require ongoing management to ensure they remain healthy and disease free. Bee friendly management practices will help you keep strong, disease resistant bee colonies. Explore this section to learn more about keeping bees in a bee friendly way and helping them survive and express their natural bee-ness.

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