Gather By is an Australian owned company providing the highest level of food security through revolutionary health and environmental projects committed to regenerating the environment.

Our contributions include:

  • Community and pollinator restoration

  • Promoting the benefits of plant-based medicine

  • Connecting primary advocates and businesses in sustainable regenerative growth with environmentally conscious consumers around the world.

A key aspect contributing to the regenerative growth is the production and supply of medicinal honey from the Australian bush to end user. Made possible through regional community support, Gather By is able to develop a high income, low maintenance regenerative farming model producing pure, potent and raw premium Manuka Honey which is then distributed to meet the enormous global demand through its worldwide Medicinal Honey Channel.

Years of research and ten’s of thousands of kilometres have been spent locating which parent plant of the 87 varieties of Leptospermum have contributed maximum potency to the honey harvested. This is an important consideration when defining the strength and efficacy of Manuka honey as it is during the pollination process that dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is converted to Methylglyoxal (MGO), a crucial ingredient used for its antibacterial properties This nectar is tested for dihydroxyacetone (DHA) selecting 15 of the hyper-DHA plants for propagation. These selected Leptospermum bushes are then cloned for bioregion diversity maximising potency, growth and extended nectar flow.

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The Gather By Team

Horticulture, Beekeeping & Education

Jeff Spash ,
Honey Product Development

Farming since 1963. Nursery propagation specialist since 1976. Currently in in charge of creating Medicinal Honey Forests: design and planting as well as propagation of Leptospermum. Jeff also develops new and revolutionary honey products.

Martin Brown ,
Research & Development

Martin is a passionate, data driven problem solver interested in all things environmentally sustainable. Gather By's Medicinal Honey Forests tie in perfectly with his private interests of sustainability, plants and bees, and his professional experience in Research and Development.

Josie Goldberg ,
Nursery & Honey

Josie joins the Gather By team after 38 years as a wholistic health and performance coach to reconnect with her heritage as a 6th generation Australian farmer. 

Her interest in the link between human health and the health of the environment aligns perfectly with the Gather By ethos and her passion in community, environment and healing. Josie also brings to the team many years of experience in fundraising and community events coordination.

Finance, Sales & Admin

Jenna Ford ,
Founder & Operations

Jenna provides the hands on experience necessary for identifying, sourcing and producing Gather By’s trademark and characteristic raw and pure honey. Being one of the Gather By founders, Jenna is also responsible for managing the Medicinal Honey Forest ™ with Australian landholders to sustainably produce honey and regenerate communities and the environment.

Balbina Koscielska ,
Office Manager

Originally from Poland, travelled the world gaining experience in many areas including sales and marketing. Currently in charge of managing Gather By's Head Office and communication between all the departments connecting everyone in GB Family.

Lee Vakas ,
Strategy & Finance

Lee provides corporate advisory and strategic implementation, developing innovative financial modelling and granular level financial project management.

Directors and management

Matt Blomfield ,
Founder, Executive Chair

Matt is the passionate and visionary founder of Gather By, with a successful track record in conceptualising and actualising innovative, large-scale global projects. Heading up the commercialisation, market development, supply chain security, sales & marketing and new technology ventures, Matt’s expertise lies in building stakeholder value.

Tony Stubley ,
Non-Executive Director

Tony has brought a successful track record and years of experience in marketing, advertising and brand building, to Gather By. He, together with his partner Ruth, are currently implementing the Medicinal Honey Forest ™ on his beautiful estate in Byron Bay for the purpose of producing medicinal and therapeutic honey.

Dr. Gary Ewart ,
Chief Science Officer

Gary is a non-executive Director, bringing 25 years of applied scientific research experience to Gather By. Gary heads all things molecular for plant-based research and IP processes working with the team in prioritising valuable honey bee research for actioning.

Dr Allan Ellis ,
Allan has been a resident of the North Coast for over 40 years. He recently retired from the position of Director of Research for the School of Commerce and Management at Southern Cross University. During his career he has held a range of board positions and currently also chairs the boards of two North Coast NFP companies that provide disability services and education and training.

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