First Planting

To make our medicinal honey, Gather By must plant these seedlings at the right time of the year, which is typically in Autumn or Spring. A lot of care and love goes into making sure these seedlings will be planted at the right time to maximise their growth potential. 

The pictures below show the propagated plants that are ready to be planted

141103-Boolambayte25.jpg 141103-Boolambayte26.jpg


Exploring the Land

The images below illustrate the Gather By team exploring the land at Myall Lakes for one of our first leptospermum plantings. It is essential that we select the best land to plant our seedlings to ensure that the chance of successful growth is maximised.

These pictures depict the starting point for Gather By marking the beginning of something beautiful. 


140713-Boolambayte4.jpg  141103-Boolambayte10.jpg

141103-Boolambayte26.jpg 141103-Boolambayte28.jpg

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